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Year 2

Year Two Lisbon is taught by Aimie Peacock. Her CA is Nikola Brighton. Year Two Padua is taught by Melanie Habashi and Rachel Smith. Their CA is Kelly O’Brien. The Year Two classrooms are in the main building and they have their own playground next to the St Francis Building.

Snowflake Charity Day

In January 2017, the school held a charity day to raise money for Home Start; a Watford based charity to support local families in need. This event was organised by Year 2.  Below are some pictures of Year 2 making their own snowflake themed activities.

Born in a Barn KS1 Christmas Play

In December 2016, Year 2 and Year 1 performed their Christmas Play Born in a Barn to their parents and the rest of the school.  All the Year 2 children had speaking parts or dances to learn and Year 1 made up the choir.

Advent Retreat Day

In November 2016, Year 2 spent the day on a retreat learning about Advent.  They worked in pairs to design their own part of an Advent calendar.  They had to design their own piece of art work and write their own prayer.