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Year 2

Year Two Lisbon is taught by Amy McMahon. Her CA is Shelly Llewellyn. Year Two Padua is taught by Megan Brogan and Rachel Smith. Their CA is Nickola Brighton. The Year Two classrooms are in the main building and they have their own playground next to the St Francis Building.

Polar Express Day

In December 2018, Year 2 children enjoyed a Polar Express Day to celebrate the book that they had been reading.  They wrote instructions and a recipe to make their own hot chocolate and then had a go at following them.  They also created their own gingerbread houses.


KS1 Christmas Play – The Inn- Spectors

In December, the Year 2 children took on the lead acting roles for their Christmas Production with the help of the Year 1 choir.


KS1 Charity Day

In November 2018, KS1 selected ‘Tiggy Winkles’ as their charity for this year.  Everyone, including the teachers, wore autumn colours to school for a day.


Pizza Making

In October 2018, the children received a letter from a caterer asking for help to create a balanced tasty meal.  The children designed and made their own pizzas.


Nature Sculptures

In September 2018, the children were inspired by sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy.  They collected natural objects from the school grounds and used them to make a collaborative collage.  They later made clay leaves.


Year 2 Visit to the Roald Dahl Gallery

In June 2018, Year 2 visited the Roald Dahl Gallery at the Buckinghamshire County Museum.