Religious Education

‘Religious education is clearly at the heart of this school and this is reflected in the importance it is given within the school and by all members of the community.’- R.E Inspection 2017

Religious Education is central to all we do; it is the reason for our school’s existence. We aim to help the children deepen their understanding of the beliefs, values and practices of the Catholic faith. Our R.E lessons are planned to the Bishops’ curriculum directory. We use a range of different plans and resources in order to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum directory. Besides this formal curriculum, we ensure that these values and beliefs are central to all that happens in our school permeating all aspects of the curriculum. We also encourage the children to respect and form an understanding of the religious beliefs of others. We teach R.E through discussion, role-play, reflection, prayer and music.


Termly newsletters are sent out to all parents to let them know what topics we are covering and special dates that you can celebrate at home whilst the children discuss them at school. Please see the below for the 2022-2023 newsletters.


Please see the two policies for Religious Education and Prayer and Liturgy at St Anthony’s.

Displays, class worship and assemblies