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Reception Lisbon is taught by Aimie Peacock. Her TAs  are Daniella McNulty and Stephanie Ackroyd-Whitney.  Reception Padua is taught by Shannon Kelly. Her TA is Dominika McKeown. The Reception classrooms are in the Early Years building. At break times and lunch times they play in their outdoor playground. 

Weekly Class Updates


School Closure Home Learning 

Below is the home learning that was set during March-July 2020’s National Lockdown.  During January-March 2021’s National Lockdown, home learning moved to Microsoft Teams. 


In September 2021 the children have been learning about themselves-faces, bodies, families, homes, healthy and unhealthy eating and oral hygiene.


Bekonscot Village Trip

In July 2021 Reception went on their first trip to Bekonscot village. They were excited to ride the coach there and enjoyed touring village, taking part in a toy workshop and riding the mini railway.


In May 2021 Reception took part in their Pentecost retreat. They learnt about the Pentecost story with Elaine. They had the opportunity to create different arts and crafts. 



In March 2020, we have been celebrating Lent.  We tried pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, Mrs Wilson visited us to place crosses on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday, we re-enacted Palm Sunday and the Last Supper and we learnt about how Jesus died for us on the cross. 

Big Me Week

In March 2020, the whole school took part in a Big Me Week and raised money for Action Aid.  We have been learning about people who help us and we had a visit from a mummy who is a nurse! 

World Book Day

In March 2020, we celebrated World Book Day.  We bought in our favourite books from home and then Year 6 came down to read them to us.  It was lovely making a Year 6 friend!  John, their teacher, then read us all Burglar Bill – even the Year 6 children enjoyed listening! We also went on a book scavenger hunt.


Over January and February 2020, we have been using the climbing and gym equipment to practice our gym skills.  


In February 2020, we celebrated Candlemas, when Baby Jesus was presented at the Temple.  We learnt about how Jesus is the Light of the World and how we all have a little light inside of ourselves. 


In January 2019, we started to learn about Biblical Parables.  We read ‘The Lost Coin’, ‘The Good Samaritan’, ‘The Prodigal Son’ and ‘Zacchaeus’ – about when Zacchaeus met Jesus and changed his ways.  We thought about how Jesus gave Zacchaeus a chance to change. 

Chinese New Year

In January 2020, the Reception children celebrated Chinese New Year together.  We read the origin story and spent the afternoon created different New Year crafts.  We made lanterns, musical instruments and lucky red money wallets.  We even had the chance to visit Katy’s ‘Chinese restaurant’! 


Nativity Cribs

In December 2019, the Reception children and their families created these beautiful cribs depicting the Nativity scene.  They used many different materials and ideas! Father Joseph came in to bless the cribs and then they were put on display for the rest of the school and families to see. 


Shape Hunt 

In November 2019, Reception children went on a shape hunt around the school to look for 2D shapes in real objects.  

The Church and Noah’s Ark 

In October 2019, the children started to learn about what a Church is.  We created a display for the rest of the school to see what we had been doing.  In November 2019, we started to look at the Bible.  In particular we focused on Noah’s Ark. 

Welcome Coffee Afternoon

In October 2019, we invited Reception parents and carers to join us for a coffee afternoon.  It was a lovely way for grown ups to meet staff and to meet each other.  Thank you to everyone who came.


In September 2019, the new Reception children were thinking about themselves, their families and their homes. They created beautiful self-portraits and started to learn how to write their names. 

EYFS Sports Morning

In May 2019, all of the EYFS children took part in their Sports Morning.  They each ran three races; a straight race, a bean bag race and an obstacle race. They all tried really hard and cheered each other on too. 


Boxmoor Trust

In May 2019, Reception visited the Boxmoor Trust.  They pond dipped, went on a mini beast hunt and inspired by the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ the class took part in their own bear hunt.