Reception Lisbon is taught by Aimie Peacock. Her TAs  are Daniella McNulty and Stephanie Ackroyd-Whitney.  Reception Padua is taught by Shannon Kelly. Her TA is Dominika McKeown. The Reception classrooms are in the Early Years building. At break times and lunch times they play in their outdoor playground. 

Early Years Overview

Below you can find the overview for the learning for Early Years.

Must Read Books

Below you can find some of the must read books for Reception.

Mental Health Afternoon

In Reception we have been thinking about ways to keep our minds healthy. We were able to choose different activities to complete, that made us feel calm. These activities included play dough, construction play, painting, colouring, puzzles and yoga.


Reception Padua have enjoyed their superhero theme.  They read ‘Supertato’ and become shape super heroes themselves learning about the properties of 2D shapes and going on a shape hunt around the school.


Reception have been taking part in an art project learning about Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  When she first moved to America she was very poor and didn’t know what to do.  She started to draw, doodle and draw spots and patterns everywhere.  She found it very calming and soon became a famous artist for her pattern inspired installations.  We took inspiration from her London exhibition ‘Obliteration Room’ and turned everything spotty! 

Ash Wednesday


In January, Reception were learning about their favourite authors – in particularly Julia Donaldson and Michael Rosen.  They followed instructions to make their own Gruffalo Grumble and made their own wanted posters to describe what he looks like.  They also went on their own bear hunt.

Cold Lands and Hot Lands

Reception have been learning about Antarctica and the Arctic.  We learnt about what animals live there and what the weather is like there.  We read ‘The Polar Bear and the Snow Cold’ which helped us to learn about the environment and habitat there.  We have also been learning about Africa.  We looked on a map to see where Antarctica, the Arctic and Africa are.  We learnt about their differences and which animals live where.  We read Handa’s surprise.

Nativity Cribs

As part of our learning about the Birth of Jesus, Reception children with the help of their grown ups at home made some beautiful cribs. Fr Alex then came in to bless all of the cribs and talk about the Nativity story with us.

Welly Washing

At the beginning of December the Reception children washed their wellies in preparation for St Nicholas to visit.  This is a Polish tradition to wash and clean your shoes and leave them out to see if St Nicholas will visit you.  If he does he will leave a coin.  The children were excited to see a golden chocolate coin in the morning!


Reception have been learning about seasons and in particular Autumn.  We have looked at what happens to the trees throughout each season and what happens to the weather.


Reception classes have been taking turns to bake tasty treats to sell after school every Friday. All money raised has been donated to the local food bank.


Reception have been learning about Harvest.  They read the Little Red Hen and learnt about what famers are doing on their farms at the moment.  They sorted farm animals and learnt how bread was made.