Year 3

Year Three Lisbon is taught by Corinne Bygrave . Her TA is Carole Boyle. Year Three Padua is taught by Izabella Torrano. Her TA is Alessia De Carolis. The Year Three classrooms are in our new link building which was completed in the summer of 2015.

Weekly Class Updates

Olivia and Jared’s Baptism

Yea 3 Lisbon were very lucky as we were invited to St Bede’s Church to witness Jared and his sister Olivia’s Baptism. We walked to the church with Year 5 Lisbon, had mass and watched the Baptism ceremony. Father John explained each part of the Baptism ceremony to us and we were lucky enough to be given snacks after. Thank you to OJared’s family for allowing us to be involved in this special day!

Hudnall Park

As part of our Science topic based on ‘Rocks and Soils’ we visited Hudnall Park where we completed lots of different activities in the woods. We went on a bug hunt where we tried to find different insects in their natural habitats and then we collected different types of mud and materials to complete some artwork.

The British Museum

As part of our History topic about Ancient Egypt we went to visit the British Museum. We looked at lots of different galleries with the different artefacts in.