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Year 3

Year Three Lisbon is taught by Laura Whooley. Their TA is Carole Boyle. Year Three Padua is taught by Corinne Bygrave. Her TA is Alessia De Carolis. The Year Three classrooms are in our new link building which was completed in the summer of 2015.

Weekly Class Updates 


School Closure Home Learning

Below is the home learning that was set during March-July 2020’s National Lockdown.  During January-March 2021’s National Lockdown, home learning moved to Microsoft Teams. 

Hudnall Park

In February 2020, the children visited Hudnall Park to develop their knowledge and understanding of their Science topic ‘Rocks, Fossils and Soils’.

Jesse Tree Retreat and Assembly

In December 2019, the Year 3 children spent a day learning about all the members of Jesus’ family.  This is called the Jesse tree.  They each created a sign or symbol to represent one member of the family.  They then held an assembly for the rest of the school to introduce us to the Jesse Tree and hang their Jesse tree symbols for us all to see.


The British Museum

In December 2019, the children visited the British Museum to support their understanding of their history and geography topics – Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

DT Structures project

In November 2019, the Year 3 children researched different structures and how they remain upright and strong.  They then designed and made their own picture frames. 

Premier League Primary Stars

In September 2019, the Year 3 and Year 4 children started a ten week program run by Watford Football Club.


In October 2019, the children worked together in pairs to make their own skeletons using cotton buds and labelled the different bones in the body.

Reverly Lodge

In June 2019, the Year 3 children spent the day as Victorians.  They attended a Victorian school, complete with a school inspector and they enjoyed some afternoon tea!