At St Anthony’s we endeavour to inspire a love and appreciation of English and ensure that every child becomes a capable reader and writer and can speak clearly, fluently and confidently. This is an aim throughout all areas of the curriculum. The children use a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts to inspire and develop their writing further. We teach basic skills and provide a rich, engaging and meaningful learning environment.   

In addition to daily English lessons, children are taught phonics and spelling rules systematically throughout Early Years and Key Stage One. At St Anthony’s we use Read Write Inc to plan and teach phonics ensuring that this is taught in a multi-sensory approach to cater for the children’s needs.   

Reading is taught through story time and phonics. Children enjoy a diverse range of age-related texts that motivate and enthuse them to read. Through daily phonics children are given access to texts that are carefully matched to their reading ability and to develop their comprehension. Each child is provided with a school reading book that is matched to their reading ability. When the children have come off the phonics scheme, they become Free Readers, and have access to choose from a range of independence books suited to their ability. These children also take part in a daily comprehension activity, focusing on building their understanding of the text. 

In Key Stage 2, the children continue to receive daily English lessons covering a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres.  The children also receive spelling and grammar lessons throughout the week. The children are given strategies to become more independent writers during KS2 and the process of editing and correcting their own work with minimal teacher input is an aim. Guided Reading continues to be important and provides the children with an opportunity to work on the fluency and understanding skills they developed during KS1.  Children will also have focused comprehension lessons that reinforce and extend previous learning. 

Early Years

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