R.E Inspection 2023

We were delighted to receive the recent RE Inspection report. This can be found below, along with a letter from our Chair of Governors.

We would like to thank our fantastic children whose behaviour was described as ‘exemplary’ and also thank our dedicated staff team and governors who work so hard. A huge thank you to the parents/carers who spoke so highly of the school to the inspectors and whose words made up much of the report – thank you so much !
We are very pleased that the inspectors enjoyed the time they spent in our school and decided that we
should receive an Outstanding grade in all areas inspected.

Below you can find some quotes from our RE Inspection report:

‘Christ is at the centre of the life of the school’

Catholic Life and Mission

‘St Anthony’s pupils know, understand and embrace the school’s mission, ‘We Grow and Learn with Jesus’

‘Pupils seek opportunities to grow in virtue, pursue the common good and serve those in need. Pupils talk positively about the difference they make to their local, national and global communities’

‘My child has developed great knowledge and confidently shares his learning of both our Catholic faith and of other world faiths, with us at home’- Parent voice

‘St Anthony’s is like a family with faith at its centre’- A Member of staff

‘Staff display the highest level of care and nurture they provide for all pupils, particularly the most vulnerable’

‘The school is a source of inspiration to the whole community and are highly ambitious about its contribution to the lives of the people it serves’

‘We feel blessed our child gets to receive such an amazing Catholic education in a setting that raises him to be a good citizen, understand his faith and want to learn more and make great progress’- Parent voice.

Religious Education

‘Pupils are developing excellent knowledge, understanding and skills in religious education, reflecting the learning required by the Religious Education Directory.’

‘Pupils behaviour during lessons is exemplary’

‘Creative learning methods enhance pupils’ engagement’

‘Pupils are very proud of their religious education books and they produce work of a consistently high quality’

‘Pupils’ books are well-presented and are a testament to the use of creativity in the lessons’

‘The RE teaching and learning at St Anthony’s is truly excellent’- Parent voice.

‘Staff speak appreciatively of the generous support and the ‘open door’ policy provided by the subject leaders’

‘The thing that I love about RE lessons is that we have some music and light a candle and have some time to relax and think about God’- Pupil voice

‘The link governor for religious education visits the school regularly, supporting pupils and staff in their spiritual development and providing clear, strategic vision’

Collective Worship

‘Pupils engage reverently during daily prayer times and in moments of reflection’

‘A class prayer bear is sent home with Key Stage One pupils to encourage family prayer. EYFS pupils take home prayer boxes and one parent observed-

When bringing home a prayer box from school, my child asked all members of the family to pray’

‘Prayer spaces are provided both in the classrooms and in the prayer garden.’

‘A focus in Year 4 is to learn about the mysteries of the rosary and the pupils produce beautiful books illustrating their learning.’

‘The school builds the kingdom on earth inspired by the teachings of Jesus’-Parent voice.

‘Prayer supports and nourishes all members of the school’

‘Retreat days for each year group throughout the year are centred around prayer, art, movement and music. A holding cross passed around in class prayer circles helps to focus pupils’ reflection and provides an invitation to spontaneous prayer’

‘Music is central to prayer and liturgy and pupils are eager to contribute their gifts, singing with great enthusiasm’

‘The school works closely with the local parish priest to ensure that pupils participate in the breadth and richness of Catholic tradition’

‘Staff are excellent role models for pupils’

‘Leaders and governors ensure that pupils in the school are offered a wide range of high quality meaningful experiences of prayer and worship’

My child’s faith has become even stronger since starting at St Anthony’s’- Parent voice.