Year 4

Year Four Lisbon is taught by Abbie Clark.  Her TA is Sinead Keilty. Year Four Padua is taught by Orla Reilly. Her TA is Reiko Gall.  The Year Four classrooms are in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.

Weekly Class Updates

Cassiobury Farm

In October 2022, both Year 4 classes visited Cassiobury Farm. This was in connection with their Science topic about habitats and environmental changes. Year 4 are working to raise money to save the Lemurs in Madagascar with Project Ala whish will plant more trees to expand the Lemurs’ habitat. The children will continue with this work throughout the year.

Our Science Investigation

As part of their Science topic, Year 4 have completed different investigations. In this particular investigation they were trying to see if they could blow up a balloon without using their mouth. The children mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and placed the balloon on top to see what would happen. Then they investigated other acidic liquids such as lemon and lime juice.