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Year 4

Year Four Lisbon is taught by Abbie Clark.  Her TA is Sinead Keilty. Year Four Padua is taught by Orla Reilly. Her TA is Reiko Gall.  The Year Four classrooms are in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.


Weekly Class Updates 


School Closure Home Learning

Below is the home learning that was set during March-July 2020’s National Lockdown.  During January-March 2021’s National Lockdown, home learning moved to Microsoft Teams. 


Big Me Day 

In March 2020, the whole school took part in a Big Me Week and raised money for Action Aid.  One day we all came in dressed as what we would like to be when we were older.  Year 4 were lucky enough to have a talk from a Year 4 dad who worked in the hotel industry and from Father Peter from St Helen’s Church. 


In January 2020, as part of their Science work on colour and light, the Year 4 children made their  own kaleidoscopes. 

Nativity Investigation  

In December 2019, the Year 4 children each became an expert in one character from the Nativity.  They then shared their expertise with each other until every member of the class had collected information on all characters. 

Colour Wheel Experiment

In December 2019, as part of their Science work on colour and light, the Year 4 children made their own colour wheels and looked at how white light in made. 

Speed Stacking Competition

In November 2019, some Year 4 children from the Speed Stacking Club took part in the Speed Stacking competition held at Watford Girls Grammar.  They made it through to the final! 

Premier League Primary Stars

In September 2019, the Year 3 and Year 4 children started a ten week program run by Watford Football Club. 

Aboriginal Artwork  

In September 2019, the Year 4 children studied, researched and designed their own artwork inspired by Aboriginal art. 

Aylesford Priory

In July 2018, Year 4 took part in their retreat day to Aylesford Priory.  They had the chance to have a tour of the site and prayed along the Rosary Way.

Visit to Verulamium

In June 2019, Year 4 visited the Verulamium museum, the amphitheatre and the hypocaust in St Albans.  They got the chance to handle Roman artefacts and learn about life as a Roman. 


Visit to Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue 

In March 2019, Year 4 visited the Synagogue to deepen their learning of the Jewish faith.  They were able to look at the Torah scrolls and the special Ark where it is safely housed.  They also learnt about Jewish traditions and the links between Catholicism and Judaism.