School Meals

School Lunches

Every child in Reception and KS1 is entitled to a free school meal.  Meals are also available to all our KS2 children at a cost of £3.40 per day. Lunches are paid for via the School Gateway and ordered through the School Grid- Please see the link below.

School Grid (To order school dinners)

School Gateway (To pay for school dinners)

Lunches are served and eaten in the school’s dining room. 

Each day children get to choose from 4 different options.  

  1. A hot meat option 
  2. A hot vegeterian option 
  3. A jacket potato option OR pasta option
  4. A sandwich and packed lunch option 

Packed Lunches 

Any children wishing to bring in a packed lunch from home get to eat in the Activity studio or outside during the summer term if sunny.  Children must have a healthy packed lunch and need to avoid bringing any foods that contain nuts.