Our Nursery teacher is Katy Laws  and our Nursery TAs are Sally Blasi and Diana Drukteiniene. Nursery attend school for three hours each morning. Their classroom is in the Early Years Building where they have their own outdoor learning area.

Nursery Parents Meeting February 2024

Early Years Overview

Below you can find the overview of the learning that takes place in Early Years.

Must Read Books

Below you will find links to some of the must read books for Nursery.

Chinese New Year

Nursery have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  We decorated our classroom with lanterns, filled red envelopes with different coins, tasted different traditional Chinese foods and moved our bodies like dragons.  We read ‘Please Mr Panda’ and learnt about how pandas live in China.  Mr Panda likes patterned doughnuts and so we also learnt about patterns.

Ash Wednesday

Deacon Neville visited us today to give us our ashes.  He explained that the cross shows that Jesus loves us.  As he placed the cross on our heads he said “Repent and believe in the Good News”.

Shrove Tuesday

Nursery celebrated Pancake Day with a pancake race and some pancake tasting.  They needed to use cutlery to spread their favourite toppings on their pancakes.  They also made pancakes out of playdough and craft materials.

Under the Sea

We have been exploring what lives under the sea! We also learnt about floating and sinking and experimented with different objects to see what they would do.

The Good Samaritan

Last week the children learnt the story of The Good Samaritan.  Jesus taught us this story so that we could learn how to be kind to others and to choose between what is right and what is wrong.  The children spent the morning looking after our teddies and dolls. 


We have been celebrating Candlemas by learning about how we can be like Jesus.  We can shine brightly like Jesus through our actions.  If we do kind, nice things like sharing or helping each other, our candle shines brightly.  If we do unkind things our candle dims.  However, God will always give us another chance to try again. 

National Story Telling Week

Nursery have been celebrating National Storytelling Week. On Monday Year 6 Lisbon bought their favourite picture books to read to us and on Tuesday we bought in our favourite books and Year 6 Padua read to us.  We also had stories read to us by John, Sarah, Elaine, Hannah and Frances.

Hot Lands

We have been learning about Hot Lands and how the countries at the centre of the world are always very hot.  They may have savannas and jungles and we have been learning about the animals that live there.  We have been reading ‘The Animal Boogie’ and trying to move like the animals and we have been trying to find camouflaged animals who like to hide.

Jesus feeds the 5000

We have been learning about how Jesus performed miracles, like when He managed to feed all 5000 of His followers with only a few loaves of bread and some fish.  We ‘went fishing’, made our own craft fish and managed to work together to share 3 loaves of bread between the whole class.  We had to think about the size of each piece of bread and whether they were fair.

Cold Lands Continued

This week we focused on the Arctic.  We sorted which animals live in the Arctic and which don’t, we explored melting and freezing and we moved our bodies like reindeer and polar bears.


Nursery celebrated Epiphany by throwing an Epiphany party!  The children wore their party clothes to school with crowns they had made at home over the Christmas holidays!  We thought about what presents we would give baby Jesus and we played pass the parcel.

Cold Lands

Nursery have been looking at the globe and learning that the top and the bottom of the Earth are very cold.  We have been learning about how Santa, reindeer and polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in Antarctica.  We learnt about how penguin eggs have to be protected from the cold snow and we learnt how to move like penguins, by waddling, sliding, huddling together and balancing our ‘eggs’.

Nativity Christmas Play

Well done to all the Nursery and Reception children for performing in our Nativity Christmas play.  You all did a fantastic job!  We could hear every word. 

Thank you Doctors and Nurses

We made cards for all the doctors, nurses, and staff at our local GP surgery to say thank you for all the hard work they do looking after us, even over Christmas.  The Reception children delivered them for us.

Mary’s Journey to Bethlehem

We have been learning about how Mary had to travel a long way to Bethlehem on a donkey.  We compared Mary’s experience with our own mummies.  Mary didn’t have a hospital, ambulance, bed, cot for Jesus or any doctors or nurses to help her.  We also met a real mummy and her baby who talked to us about what it is like to look after a baby.


Nursery have been lucky enough to spend time with one of our school parents; Mr Joe and with the school’s old headteacher Mrs Wilson.  Mr Joe has taught us all about the parts of a guitar, what pitch and tone means and has sung Nursery rhymes with us.  Mrs Wilson has been teaching us about the piano and helping up to get ready for our Christmas play.

Advent and Annunciation

We have been learning about Advent.  Advent is a time of waiting and preparing.  We have learnt about the Advent Wreath and made our own advent wreath crafts to take home.  We also learnt how an Angel came to Mary to bring her special news. We have been thinking about how Mary had to prepare for her special baby and how we have to prepare for Christmas. We have begun making Christmas cards and special surprise presents for our mummies and daddies.


Nursery have been learning about how Autumn is a time when farmers harvest the food they have been growing.  We read The Little Red Hen and learnt about how wheat is turned into flour.  We made our own bread rolls.


Nursery have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We read the story of Rama and Sita and we made our own diva lamps just like the ones that welcomed Rama and Sita home.  We tasted some traditional Indian foods, looked at traditional Indian clothes and made a variety of Diwali inspired arts and crafts.  We also did a special dance about preparing our houses for Diwali.  We had to think about how we moved our bodies to make it look like we were cleaning the floor, brushing the floor, washing the windows, and hanging up decorations.

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about how there are many people who work to look after and protect us, our families, our communities, and our country.  We remember them in November, and we remember everyone in Heaven.  We worked with Year 6 Padua to make our own poppies.


We have been learning about Autumn.  We started by learning about the trees and how the leaves change colour and fall.  We went on an autumn leaf hunt around school.  We also learnt about how lots of animals spend Autumn collecting nuts and berries to get ready for winter.  We made bird feeders by threading cheerio’s onto pipe cleaners, and we made binoculars out of kitchen rolls to look out for these animals.  We did a lot of counting with conkers and we explored pumpkins; what is inside of them and how big, small, heavy and light they were.

Being God’s Stewards

We have been reading Noah’s Ark and learning how God looked down on Earth and saw that people were not looking after the world or each other.  So He entrusted Noah to build an ark and collect 2 of every animal, ready for the flood.  After the flood God entrusted Noah and his family to look after the world.  God wanted us to be stewards for his earth.  So we have been looking after the world by weeding our vegetable patch, planting flowers, making bird feeders, litter picking and taking part in several Noah’s ark based activities.

Baptism and Our Families

We have been learning about how God welcomes us into His family through Baptism.  We go to Church and the Priest baptises us by placing a cross on our foreheads with oil and water.  We also thought about our own families this week.  We read ‘So Much’ and thought our who is in our families and what they do and like.

God Created Us

Nursery have continued to learn about the Creation story.  We have learnt that God created Adam, Eve, and all of us.  God made each of us and we are special and loved. We have been thinking about our bodies – we made faces with pens, paints and loose parts, we sang ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’ and we played Simon Says.

God Created the World

Nursery have been learning about how God made the world.  We created our own paper plate worlds and used our fine motor skills to peel off and stick lots of animal stickers all over them.  We also used our fine motor skills to pinch pegs in order to make a flower.  We sang ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ and learnt how to roll and use cutters to make our own playdough stars.

Our Garden Update

Our vegetables have started to get big and we have even started to pick some of them!  We have a bumper crop of radishes and lettuce!

Pentecost Retreat

Nursery spent the morning learning about Pentecost and taking part in special craft activities.  It was a lovely morning.

People who help us

Nursery have been learning about the Police, Fire Fighters and doctors.  They have learnt about what they do, what they need and how we can keep ourselves safe. We had a visit from a real police officer and we also had a race where we had to compete to empty our bucket of water the quickest and help the firefighter fill up his!  It was great fun.

Reading Celebration Morning

At the end of May our parents were invited in to read to us their favourite books.  It was so lovely to have them visit us and the children really enjoyed hearing new books.  Elijah’s mummy included some brilliant actions and asked lots of good questions, Airen’s mummy bought in a very popular dinosaur story, Jack’s Daddy told a very funny story which had the children all laughed and Anna’s mummy shared a Polish story with us!

Our Garden

Our vegetable garden is coming along nicely.  The radishes are growing the quickest!  We have been making sure we water them daily as it has been very hot lately.

The King’s Coronation

We have been celebrating the Kings Coronation.  We had a big party where we decorated cakes, had a tea party and played party games.  We have been reading The Runaway Crown and have learnt about positional language.

Ark Farm Visit

Nursery were very lucky to have a visit from Ark Farm.  They were allowed to meet and stroke all of the farm animals.  It was lovely seeing some of the children who were nervous in the beginning become confident around the animals.  The farm dog was a big hit!


Nursery have been learning about spring and in particular about all the new life we can find around us during this season.  They really enjoyed taking part in an Easter Egg hunt and learning about the life cycle of a chick and seed.

Little Red Riding Hood

We have been sorting fairy tale characters into heroes and villains and have been sorting the food in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket into healthy and unhealthy.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We have continued our Fairy Tale theme and have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We made our own bridges to help the goats cross the river and we used our imaginations to design our own trolls!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Nursery have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We made our own porridge by following instructions and ordered things according to size.

World Book Day

In March, Nursery celebrated World Book Day.  We all dressed up as our favourite characters including The Tiger who came to Tea, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Peter Rabbit and many more fabulous costumes.  The children took it in turns to act like their character.  We have some wonderful actors in our class!

Hot Lands

We have been learning about Africa.  We sorted animals according to which continent they live on and learnt about camouflage and how this helps animals to live safely in their habitat.  We read Handa’s Surprise and not only learnt about the different animals you can find in Africa but also different exotic fruits. 

Valentine’s Day

Nursery celebrated Valentine’s Day by preparing lots of lovely cards, flowers and tasty treats for their families.


An emergency helicopter had to land in our school field and the Nursery children were lucky enough to be invited by the pilots to come and have a closer look at it.

National Story Telling Week

We celebrated National Story Telling Week by inviting over teachers from older classes to come and read to us.  It was lovely listening to their favourite stories and sharing some of ours with them. 


We have been reading ‘Please, Mr Panda’ and learning all about patterns.  We learnt about different types of patterns like stripey, zig zag, wavy, spots and spirals and also learnt how to continue a repeated pattern.

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  We have been learning all about China and how people celebrate Chinese New Year.  We read ‘The Great Race’ and learnt about how the Emperor gave each animal a year of the Zodiac. This story helped us to learn how to put numbers in order.  We also had our own Chinese feast where we tried to use chop sticks instead of a fork!

Cold Lands

We have been learning about penguins in Antarctica and Polar bears in the Arctic.  We have been looking at the globe to find both areas and think about what the weather is like there.  We pretended to move like penguins by waddling with straight legs, sliding on our tummies and balancing ‘eggs’ on our feet.  We have also been practising cutting with scissors to make our own polar bear masks.

Under the Sea

When have been learning about creatures who live under the sea.  We read ‘Bored Claude’ by Jill Newton and ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. We used magnetic rods to ‘go fishing’ and learnt how to play matching pairs by looking carefully at the patterns on each fish.

Mr Joe

Over November and December Mr Joe has been visiting Nursery to sing with us. He has taught us many nursery rhymes and Christmas songs and we taught him some songs too. He has also taught us the different parts of his guitar and what each part does and explained some tricky terms like tempo and pitch.

Colour Week

This week we learnt about colours and how when you mix them together you create new colours. We read ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung and explored the artwork by Alma Thomas.


We were learning about Autumn. We explored conkers, pinecones and acorns and learnt about animal who are getting ready to hibernate. We also explored pumpkins- thinking about their size and weight and getting messy by taking out their seeds. We also went on an Autumn leaf hunt around school and made our own leaf coloured playdough.