General Information

We are extremely pleased that you have chosen St Anthony’s as your child’s primary school and welcome you to our community. Having chosen St Anthony’s Primary you have begun a partnership with us. We will do our upmost to develop your child academically, emotionally and socially and help guide them to grow and learn with Jesus. In return, we expect you to support us and be positive about our school towards your children.  Below is some further information to help you to do this.

Opening Evenings and Consultations

You have the opportunity to attend a Parent’s Evening twice throughout the year where you can meet with your child’s class teacher, look at their work and see their classroom.  We always offer two options; an early evening meeting or a late evening meeting.

You will receive a detailed written report once a year and a copy is retained in school as part of our own record keeping.  In line with statutory requirements, tests or assessments are administered annually to Reception children on starting and leaving this year group, children at the end of Year 2 and children at the end of Year 6.  You will receive the results of these.

Towards the end of the year an Open Afternoon is held where you can not only come in to see the work your child has been doing this year, but can look in their new classroom and meet who will become their new teacher next year!

Parent sessions 

Throughout the school year different parent sessions are held for each year group.  

Year 6 – Becoming Secondary School Ready 

Year 5 – Year 5 curriculum meeting 

Year 4 – Year 4 curriculum meeting 

Year 3 – New to KS2 meeting 

Year 2 – SATs meeting 

Year 1 – Year 1 curriculum meeting 

Reception – New to Reception, Phonics meeting, From copying to writing independently

Nursery – Nursery hold three parents sessions throughout the year