In Key Stage 1, our aim is to ensure that all children have the best foundation in mathematics. We provide a challenging, relevant and enjoyable mathematics curriculum for every child using the ‘Herts Plus scheme’ as a framework. Mathematical language is developed and children are encouraged to give explanations of their reasoning. A variety of methods are used to assess and develop children’s long term understanding. Children are given weekly mathematics homework. At the end of the Key Stage children will be assessed against the Teacher Assessment Framework. At the heart of planning lies the focus that children will understand the value of mathematics in everyday situations. 

In Key Stage 2, Mathematics is both challenging and enjoyable. We aim to provide children with a range of activities that will deepen their critical thinking. In order to achieve this, teaching and learning is centred on the development of key skills: fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  Mathematical fluency allows our children to apply a specific skill to different contexts in order to solve a problem. In developing the skill of reasoning, children are challenged to develop strategies and speak about methods used for solving a problem. In problem solving, we encourage our children to tackle challenging activities giving them the appropriate time and space to offer ideas and make mistakes through trial and improvement as they explore the different routes to a solution. We use the Herts Plus scheme and assess children through End of Key Stage Tests and Teacher Assessments.   

Maths in Nursery and Reception

When learning about Noah’s Ark, Nursery learnt how to match items in pairs and line them up 2 by 2.

When reading different fairy tales, like The 3 little pigs and The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, the children learnt how to group items in 3s. 

Nursery enjoy exploring numbers through their play.