Catholic Life of the School

Do not be afraid to aim for holiness and turn yourselves over to the love of God.  Holiness does not mean performing extraordinary things but carrying out daily things in an extraordinary way- that is with love, joy and faith.  – Pope Francis

The words of Pope Francis inspire us in our daily lives at St. Anthony’s. We recognise that each day we can do the smallest of tasks in an extraordinary way. In our daily life we celebrate those small acts of kindness and service; we encourage that answer in a maths lesson or idea in a science discussion; we try to give space to those who need time to pray or opportunities for prayer and reflection in groups. Each day is one of growing, of learning and trying to live by Gospel values.

We hope that as you navigate around our site, you will get to know our school a bit more and understand why we think St. Anthony’s Catholic School is a special place to grow and learn.

‘The Catholic ethos at St Anthony’s is an integral part of the children’s day at school’- Parent Voice.