Year 1

Year One Lisbon is taught by Frankie Fairlie. Her TA is Nickola Brighton. Year One Padua is taught by  Ann Power. Her TAs are Susanna Lam and Liz Hughes. The Year One classrooms are in the main building and they share the front playground with the Reception children.

Weekly Class Updates

Fruit Kebabs

As part of our DT topic we have been learning about healthy eating and creating our own healthy snacks. We planned our kebab and the different fruits that we wanted to include.

Bekonscot Model Village

As part of our History topic about toys we went to visit Bekonscot where we took part in a ‘History of Toys’ workshop. During this workshop we were lucky to handle toys from the 1930s and compare them to toys that some of us have today. Then we were able to have a look at the model village as well.