All children have the opportunity to attend a variety of clubs.  Some clubs take place before school, some at lunch times and others after school.  Clubs are run by outside agencies or members of staff.  Below are a few examples of the types of clubs that run throughout the year. 

Eva runs the Eco-Council when needed and Aimee runs the Sports Council, again when needed.

DayBefore SchoolLunch TimeAfter School
Monday**Xtra Time Multi Skills KS2

**Eden run by Sarah
Xtra Time Multi Skills Rec- YR6

**Year 5 and 6 Football run by Martin and John
TuesdayYear 5 and 6 Dodgeball

WednesdayShogun Karate Rec-YR6Apex dance Y1-Y2

Eden run by John
Arty Amber Art Club Y1-Y6

Superstar Sport Tri-Golf- Y1-Y3
Thursday**Minnie Vinnie's run by Ann and Martin for Y3-6

LTA Tennis for KS2

**Tri-Golf Y3-Y4
**Netball Y5-6 run by Aimie and Rachel

Super Star Sport Ninja Warrior Y1- Y3
Friday**Dodgeball Y3-Y4

Eden run by Hannah
Xtra Time Football Rec -Y6

Please note, any clubs that have ** are free for the children to attend.

To find out more about the clubs that happen throughout the school please click the links below.

Gym Club

Netball Club