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All children have the opportunity to attend a variety of clubs.  Some clubs take place before school, some at lunch times and others after school.  Clubs are run by outside agencies or members of staff.  Below are a few examples of the types of clubs that run throughout the year. 


Before School

Lunch Time

After School



Drama Club run by Catherine for Y4

Portuguese Club run by Mirilda

Spanish Club run by Eva

Games Club run by Martin, John and Natalie

Choir Club run by Shannon K

Change for life/Multi skills Y3-6

Football Y5-6

1st Touch Multi Sports



Street Dance Y2-6

Polish Club  for Y4-5

1st Touch Dodgeball Y5-6

Netball Y5-6



Cheerleading Y3-6

Games Club run by Martin, John and Natalie

History Club run by Natalie for  Y3-6

Tag Rugby Y4-5

Irish Dancing YR-6


Karate Club Y3-6

RE Club run by Ann and Elaine for  Y3-6

Speedstacking Club run by Aimee Y3-4

Music Club run by Frankie Y5-6

Games Club run by Martin, John and Natalie





Japanese Club run by Reiko

1st Touch Dodgeball Y3-4


1st Touch Football Y1-3

Hannah runs the Eco-Council when needed and Aimee runs the Sports Council, again when needed.