Throughout the school, the class teachers teach music for one lesson per week. During Key Stage 1, children develop the skills to listen carefully and respond to a wide range of music. They play musical instruments and learn to sing a variety of songs. The children begin to add accompaniments and create short compositions.

At Key Stage 2, the skills of performing, composing and appraising music are further developed. The children sing songs and play instruments with increasing confidence and skill. They may work individually, as part of a group or as a whole class. Music from different times, genres and cultures is listened to and discussed. Compositions are also developed in response to a variety of stimuli. In Year 4 children opportunity to learn the recorder in a lunchtime club. In addition, parents have the opportunity to pay for group guitar tuition.

All children have the opportunity to perform in their key stage performances.

Music in Nursery

During the Autumn term Mr Jo visited Nursery to sing with us. He taught us many nursery rhymes and Christmas songs and we taught him some songs too. He also taught us the different parts of his guitar and what each part does and explained some tricky terms like tempo and pitch.

Music in Year 5

In Year 5 the children have been learning about the genre, jazz.  They have listed to various pieces of music, listening carefully to the instruments they can hear, the melody, tempo and the beat, or pulse.  They were learning to play ‘The Three Note Bosa’ using the notes G, A and B.  We have used glockenspiels to play along with the main melody of the song, and then used these notes to compose our own solo.  One of our children plays the guitar, so they played the notes on their own instrument!

Music in Year 6

In the Autumn term we were learning a song called Happy by Pharell Williams. We started by learning the words to the song and then we introduced some instruments.