St Anthony’s use both TenTen and Jigsaw to deliver PSHEE/RHE lessons which are amended and adapted to meet the Catholic ethos of the school and the needs of their school community’- Herts Wellbeing Advisor.

At St Anthony’s we develop a mindful approach to PSHEE and Citizenship that encompasses Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education as well as emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development. We aim to give the children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need in order to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. St Anthony’s guide children to become informed, active and responsible British citizens and approach all learning within the spiritual and moral framework of the Catholic Church.

Our Scheme of Work is largely based around the Jigsaw programme and is supplemented with other resources. These include National themed weeks such as children’s mental health week, fire safety, anti-bullying, money and road safety. Cross curricular links are identified and planned for, especially in RE. Throughout the school children are taught strategies to keep themselves safe and each year group builds upon the strategies from the previous year. This is known as Protective Behaviours.

‘All areas of the curriculum are continually developed and reviewed, ensuring threads of emotional and mental wellbeing are evident and all areas of the curriculum support this.’- Herts Wellbeing Advisor.

Visit from the Fire Fighters

Fire fighters visited us and bought their fire engine to show us.  They talked to us about how to be safe, how to shout “fire, fire, fire” if ever we discover and fire and they showed us how the engine works and what sorts of jobs they do.

PSHEE in Nursery

Nursery celebrated International Day of Happiness together.  They read Layla’s Happiness and The Colour Monster.  We created our own happiness jars and filled them with all the things that make us happy.

Nursery have been busy looking after their garden.  They have picked up rubbish, weeded the veg gardens and planted seeds. 

PSHEE in Reception

During Mental Health Week we have thought about what it means to be calm and relaxed. We enjoyed our class spa afternoon, taking time to relaxing and give ourselves a pamper.

PSHEE in Year 6

In the Autumn term, a local magistrate led a workshop with both Year 6 classes on the topic of the English judicial system where the courts and the rule of law were discussed. The children also did some role-play on the subject of a pretend case and trial. Our visitor, Karen, was really impressed with the children’s questions and attitude.