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In order to raise funds, we hold a variety of events during the school year ranging from a sponsored walk around the school playground, a talent show, discos and other themed evenings, to our annual Summer Fayre and BBQ.

These events are usually very well-supported, and over the years funds raised have enabled the school to purchase a variety of useful equipment, including: a music system for the main assembly hall, outdoor playground equipment for the Foundation and KS2 children, and fully networked computers in all the classrooms.

The PFA is made up of the headteacher, deputy head and a number of parents and teachers from across the school who help organise and run events and activities throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to join the PFA, you do not have to attend every meeting but if you can help out in small ways throughout the year this is appreciated. We also operate a class representative system where each class has 2 representatives who liaise with the committee to help sell tickets, man stalls and provide help where required.

We are always keen to welcome new members so if you would like to get involved please let us know. Meetings are held monthly at 8pm in the staff room. Dates are in the school newsletters and on the board in the infant playground.