Computing helps to promote initiative, independent learning and active participation in a rapidly changing world.

The three aspects of computing are: Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science.

We follow a scheme of work that looks at each of the different aspects of Computing and allow the children to learn, practise and develop their skills in, programming, creating and editing media, networks and data collection and collating.

The children develop these aspects as they work with a variety of hardware and software. In computing they learn to control and program devices both on and off screen, in the real and virtual worlds. They use a range of digital media to record, improve and present their work in all subjects. As they progress through the school, they become confident and discriminating users of digital technology and communication tools. The e-safety message is emphasised throughout the curriculum; the children are taught how to stay safe online and given a range of ways to report concerns and inappropriate behaviour.

Computing in Nursery

Nursery have been learning how to use our class computers.  They have learnt how to control the mouse to play a simple game.  They have also been listening to stories on our listening post. 

Computing in Reception

Reception have been learning how to log onto a computer with a username and password.  They can play games online, draw by controlling the mouse, have learnt how to type in words and how to log on to education city with their own username and password.

Computing in Year 6

In the Autumn term Year 6 went on a school trip to Bletchley Park. Whilst we were there we had a guided tour where we learnt more about what the day to day activities would have been for the people who were working there. We also took part in a code breaking activity where we had to find out where the lost enigma machine was. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day at Bletchley.