Masses and Liturgies

Year 3 Mass for St Peter and St Paul

On 29th June 2023, Year 3 celebrated a mass for the feast day of St Peter and St Paul. The children helped to read different parts of the mass and Father Alex spoke to the children about Communion during his homily.

Year 2 Mass at Holy Rood

In June, Year 2 visited Holy Rood Church for a morning of reflection. Father Alex spoke to the children about the history of the church and after lunch they joined the parishioners for Midday Mass.

Year 6 Mass in the Isle of Wight

Whilst on their residential trip, Father Alex led the Year 6 children and staff in a mass in the grounds of our Hotel. The children read for different parts of the mass and they took time to reflect on their time at St Anthony’s. What a lovely way to celebrate mass, surrounded by God’s beautiful creations.


In May, Father Alex led Nursery, Reception and their parents in a class mass. They were lucky enough to hold it outside by their Prayer garden. Some of the Reception children did a brilliant job reading our the Penitential Rites and the Bidding Prayers, whilst Nursery carried up the Offertory.