Prayer life and Worship


As part of our Lenten journey each class have changed their prayer area to reflect the Liturgical colours. The children have made Lenten promises that have been displayed in their classroom. These reflect the journey that we take throughout this season and the importance of the three Lenten practises; Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Our Chapel

In February 2023 we took the decision to relocate our school chapel to the room that was previously our library. The new chapel was opened in time for the beginning of Lent.

The larger room allows the children and staff the space to sit quietly in prayer and reflection at different times of their week.

There is a special prayer corner where children can safely “light” an electronic devotion candle. They can, if they wish, write a prayer and place it into a prayer box.

Gregorian chant music is played quietly throughout the day to help remind people that they are in a place of sanctuary and prayer.

We have also hung our special quilt that was made by parents, children and staff of St. Anthony’s in 1999/2000 to celebrate the new millennium.

On a weekly basis we hold prayer groups where children are able to pray together and reflect on passages from scripture or say traditional prayers like the Rosary.

Classes are also timetabled to visit the chapel at least once a week for their Acts of Worship.

We know how much people need to have the time and space for reflection and prayer in their day and we are so pleased that the children are making use of the chapel in such a respectful way.

Located beside our prayer garden, we think our new chapel will be an intrinsic part of the children’s prayer life and wellbeing.

Parents and families will soon be offered a chance to visit our new chapel.

Prayer Group

Each week we offer the children and staff the chance to be part of our prayer group in the chapel and this is led by Fr. Alex.

They might reflect on a passage of scripture or say more traditional prayers like the Rosary. This is their opportunity for quiet reflection and prayer during a busy week.

Midday Prayers

As part of our school day at midday Key Stage Two will all say a prayer. These prayers have been chosen to reflect the time within the Liturgical calendar and some have been written by the children themselves.