Year 5

Year Five Lisbon is taught by Hannah Mitchell and Catherine Elliott. Year 5 Padua is taught by Amy McMahon. The Year 5 TA is Magda Grabarczyk.  The Year Five classroom is upstairs in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.

Weekly Class Updates


This half term the children have been learning about the genre, jazz.  They have listed to various pieces of music, listening carefully to the instruments they can hear, the melody, tempo and the beat, or pulse.  We are learning to play ‘The Three Note Bosa’ using the notes G, A and B.  We have used glockenspiels to play along with the main melody of the song, and then used these notes to compose our own solo.  One of our children plays the guitar, so they played the notes on their own instrument!

‘Ourselves’ Liturgy

During our Liturgy we reflected on our learning during the topic of ‘Ourselves’.  We offered up our thank you prayers that we had carefully planned and written.  These were based on Hosea 11:1-4.

We passed our special thinking stone around the circle and either spoke out loud a quality that we possess we are proud of, or offered our thoughts silently to God.  Some children took charge of reading some of the prayers that we had written out loud.

St Joan of Arc

 Both Year 5 classes visited St. Joan of Arc School. As part of our commitment to outdoor learning and healthy lifestyles, our staff walked with the children across Ebury Way to St. Joan of Arc school. We were met by the Deputy Headteacher, Mr. Lee, who was our guide for the day. The children had a range of experiences starting with a period of reflection in the school chapel with Deacon Liam. They then participated in some music activities with Head of Year 7, Mr. O’Reilly, before going to the drama department for some role-playing activities with Assistant Headteacher, Mr. Woollatt. After lunch, the children did some science experiments with staff from the science department. We returned via Ebury Way, getting back to school at 3.30pm.  

Judging by the responses of our staff and the children, this was an extremely positive day. We were all very grateful for the welcoming and friendly atmosphere as we toured the school. We want to thank our friends and colleagues at St. Joan of Arc for arranging these experiences. A special thank you to the Sixth-Form students who supported the children in the science lessons and to our ex-pupils, Lilia, Florence, Sammy and Taylor who helped and guided the children throughout the day. 


Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to attend a production of ‘Pinocchio’ at St. Michael’s and All Angels Church.  The cast members were students who had travelled all the way from Australia and were touring around London.  The children had a brilliant time and even took part in a conga line at the end!

MicroBit Workshop

In June we were very lucky to have Herts SetPoint come in to work with us. This was exploring MicroBits after we have done some learning with them in our Computing lessons. We had to try and code the MicroBit to open up a safe and to display different messages.

Olivia and Jared’s Baptism

Year 5 Lisbon were very lucky as we were invited to St Bede’s Church to witness Olivia and her brother Jared’s baptism. We walked to the church with Year 3 Lisbon, had mass and watched the baptism ceremony. Father John explained each part of the Baptism ceremony to us and we were lucky enough to be given snacks after. Thank you to Olivia’s family for allowing us to be involved in this special day!

Stations of the Cross Assembly

After our retreat day at St Michael’s and All Angels where we learnt about The Stations of the Cross. We wrote about what happened to Jesus from different people’s perspectives. We acted out the story for our grown ups and the Year 6 children.

Stations of the Cross

Year 5 took part in a retreat day at St. Michaels and All Angels.  We visited each devotion in the Stations of the Cross and had time to quietly reflect on each one.  The children created art work relating to a specific station to display back at school. 

Year 5 LTA Tennis

Year 5 have been taking part in tennis sessions since the beginning of Spring Term. We have been looking at our own wellbeing and discussing practical ways we can use the 5 Ways to Wellbeing in our lives. We have also been learning new tennis skills every week.  

Year 5 Lisbon- Phases of the Moon

For our Earth and Space topic, Year 5 Lisbon looked at why we can only see parts of the moon. We created the different phases of the moon we see in a 28 day cycle out of Oreos.

Lisbon’s trip to Saint Joan of Arc

In March, Year 5 Lisbon along with Year 6 Lisbon walked to Saint Joan of Arc School in Rickmansworth. We spent the day there to experience a day in a Catholic Secondary School. They took part in different activities throughout the day including a Music lesson, Drama and a Science experiment. They had a lovely day!

Harry Potter Studio Tour

In January 2023, Year 5 took a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Whilst they were there they took part in a costume deign and distressing workshop where they used different techniques to distress materials. Then they were able to take a tour of the studios and see the different costumes and props that were used in the films.

Padua’s trip to Saint Joan of Arc

In November 2022, Year 5 Padua along with Year 6 Padua walked to Saint Joan of Arc. We spent the day there to experience a day in a Catholic Secondary School. They took part in different activities throughout the day including a music lesson, drama and a science experiment.