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Year 3

Year Three Lisbon is taught by Laura Whooley. Their CA is Carole Boyle. Year Three Padua is taught by Aimee Peacock. Her CA is Stephanie Ackroyd-Whitney. The Year Three classrooms are in our new link building which was completed in the summer of 2015.

Hudnall Park

In February 2019, the children visited Hudnall Park to develop their knowledge and understanding of their Science topic ‘Rocks, Fossils and Soils’.

Science Investigations

In February 2019, the children completed different science investigations for their topic ‘Science Projects and Investigations’. They had to investigate what would happen when they mix oil with water and then added detergent to a second bottle to observe the difference.  They also completed an egg drop challenge where they had to work as part of a group to design a protective system to prevent their egg from breaking when dropped from a height.  For both of these investigations they had to think about how to keep them fair and what variables they would have to measure/change.


The British Museum

In December 2018, the children visited the British Museum to support their understanding of their history and geography topics – Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.


In October 2018, the children worked together in pairs to make their own skeletons using cotton buds and labelled the different bones in the body.

Holy Trinity Pyramids

In October 2018, the children made pyramids with different symbols to support their understanding of the Holy Trinity.

The Last Supper role play  

In April 2018, as part of their RE lessons the children listened to the story of the Last Supper and re-enacted the main events.