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Year 3

Year Three Lisbon is taught by Megan Brogan. Her CA is Carole Boyle. Year Three Padua is taught by Sarah McCabe. Her CA is Georgina Phelan. The Year Three classrooms are in our new link building which was completed in the summer of 2015.

Hudnall Park

In May 2017, Year 3 visited Hudnall Park for the day to explore rocks and soil.  They looked at different types of soil and made paintings using their findings. 

Safer Internet Day

In February 2017, Reception Lisbon and Year 3 Padua joint forces to practise and perform an assembly to lead the school in their Safer Internet Day activities. 

Prize Winner

In January Zofia took part in a local art competition.  Below is a  photo of Zofia’s prize winning picture for the new Croxley Park building hoarding. The competition ‘My dream place to work’ was organised by Three Rivers District Council in conjunction with the Watford Observer. Zofia was awarded with a Hobbycraft voucher to spend and a £200 cheque for school.

Ancient Egyptian Day

In December 2016, Year 3 took part in an Ancient Egyptian themed day.  They came into school dressed up as Ancient Egyptian and took part in various themed activities.


British Museum Visit

In December 2016, the Year 3 classes visited the British Museum to learn more about the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians.

Jesse Tree Retreat and Assembly

In November 2016, both Year 3 classes took part in a retreat day where they learnt about the Jesse Tree and prepared for the Advent season.  They then held an assembly to share what they had learnt and made with the rest of the school.

Hudnell Park

In June 2016, Year 3 spent the day at Hudnell Park learning about rocks and soil, and conducting experiments and investigations into how soil is made and how rocks are formed.