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Year 3

Year Three Lisbon is taught by Laura Whooley. Their CA is Carole Boyle. Year Three Padua is taught by Aimee Peacock. Her CA is Stephanie Ackroyd-Whitney. The Year Three classrooms are in our new link building which was completed in the summer of 2015.

The Last Supper role play  

In April 2018, as part of their RE lessons the children listened to the story of the Last Supper and re-enacted the main events.  

Hudnall Park Trip

In March 2018, Year 3 visited Hudnall Park.  This linked to their rocks and soils science topic.  They learnt about the different types of rock, went on a minibeast hunt and had the opportunity to paint using different types of soil. 

Visit to the British Museum

In December 2017, Year 3 visited the British museum.  This linked to their Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek history topics.  They looked at a variety of artefacts including Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus and the Rosetta Stone. 

Jesse Tree Retreat Day at St. Bede’s Church

In December 2017, Year 3 had a retreat day at St. Bede’s church. They learnt about the Jesse Tree and took part in various activities about these stories. They will have a chance to share their stories with the rest of the school during Advent.

Watford Football Club Stadium Visit

In November 2017, some children in year 3 and 4 were invited to a special event at Watford Stadium in Vicarage Road. They had a chance to see the premier league trophy and entered a design your own trophy competition. They also were lucky enough to have a stadium tour and met Harry the Hornet.

Intra-house Netball

In November 2017, Year 3 and Year 4 classes took part in a netball Intra – house competition which is part of the Sainsbury’s School Games. Children played in the colour teams and worked well in their teams using their skills they had learnt in their PE lessons this term. They also had training from Alan (our school sports partnership advisor). Children tried really hard and enjoyed the afternoon. Well done to the winners – Green team in Lisbon and Red team in Padua.