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Year 5

Year Five Lisbon is taught by John McGinn and Year 5 Padua is taught by Daniel Getty. Both classes share Shannon Wade as their CA. The Year Five classroom is upstairs in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.

Coding Workshop

In January 2018, Year 5 took park in a BBC Micro-Bit Coding Workshop run by Hertfordshire’s SETPOINT.  They learnt about real life uses for coding and had a chance to write their own code to program a Microbit which then controlled a series of LED arrays like you would see on the motorway to inform traffic. 

Cycling Proficiency

In November 2017, Children in Year 5 and Year 6 took part in an on the road cycling course for a week in order their Cycling certificate.

Chiltern Open Air Museum

In October 2017, Year 5 children visited the Chiltern Open Air museum to learn all about the Anglo-Saxons.  They spent the day in an Anglo-Saxon settlement and took part in various activities including analysing artefacts and learning how to read and write in  runes. 

Hampton Court

In June 2017, Year 5 visited Hampton Court in order to find out more about the Tudor life. 

St Michael’s Station of the Cross – Retreat Day

In March 2017, the Year 5 children took part in a stations of the cross retreat day at St Michael’s and All Angels Church in West Watford.  They recreated the stations using pastels and clay. 


Stations of the Cross – Lenten Assembly 

In March 2017, the Year 5 children helped the school to remember how Jesus died on the cross for us, by re-enacting the stations of the cross.

World Book Day

In March 2017, the Year 5 and 6 children visited the Reception classes as part of our World Book Day activities.  Each Reception child bought into school their favourite book and the older children read it with them.  



In February 2017 the Year 5 children were visited by two volunteers from CAFOD to take part in a mini pilgrimage and reflect upon the flight of refugees.