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Year 5

Year Five is taught by John McGinn and his CA is Fatim Dossa. The Year Five classroom is upstairs in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.


In February 2017 the Year 5 children were visited by two volunteers from CAFOD to learn about the charity and the work that has happened as a result of fundraising. 


Chiltern Open Air Museum

In November 2016, Year 5 visited the Chiltern Open Air Museum and took part in a Saxon themed day.

Cycling Proficiency

In November 2016, Children in Year 5 and Year 6 took part in an on the road cycling course for a week in order their Cycling certificate.

Harvest Performance

In October 2016, Year 5 performed a harvest dance to their parents and residents of a local care home.


Hatfield House

In June 2016, Year 5 visited Hatfield House as part of their studies in the Tudors.  Before the visit each child made their own tabard to wear for the day. They visited the spot where Elizabeth was sitting when she heard the news that she was now Queen of England.  They also visited an armoury and sang for King Henry’s court.

Visit to Stanmore Mosque

In March Year 5 and Year 6 were invited to spend the day at Stanmore Mosque.  They met the Imam and learnt all about the Mosques’ customs, traditions and beliefs.  They had a wonderful day, felt very welcome and were very grateful to be invited.





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