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Year 6

Year Six is taught by Martin McDermott and his CA is Fatim Dossa. The Year Six classroom is upstairs in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.


Y6 Football and Netball Tournament at St Michael’s

In October 2017 Y6 participated in the St Michael’s Deanery Sports tournament.  Well done to the football team for receiving the winners trophy!  Also well done to the netball team for reaching the semi-finals.

Leavers’ mass and assembly 

In July, the Year 6 children lead their own Leavers’ Mass with Father Shaun, the staff and their families. The next day the rest of the school to part in a leavers assembly where they performed songs and poems to say goodbye to our year 6 leavers. 


Little People UK and The Watford Peace Hospice Charity Day 

In July 2017, the Year 6 class organised a morning of sporting activities for KS2 children to take part in in exchange for a donation for these two worthwhile charities. 

Maths Master class

In December 2016, members from Year 6 were able to take part in a Maths Master class hosted by Hertfordshire University.  Along with children from other schools they took part in a number of advanced maths problem solving activities.

Bletchley Park

In November, Year 6 spent the day at Bletchley Park.  They toured around the park learning about its functions during WW2 and today and then took part in a code breaking challenge where they were able to use a real enigma machine.

Cycling Proficiency

In November 2016, Children in Year 5 and Year 6 took part in an on the road cycling course for a week in order their Cycling certificate.

St Michael’s Football and Netball Tournament

In October 2016, Year 6, along with some Year 5 subs, were invited to compete in the St Michael’s Football and Netball Tournament.

Leadership Retreat Day 

In September 2016, Year 6 visited Holy Rood Church to learn what it takes to be a leader.  They reflected on the roles of Mary, Joseph and the Holy Spirit through scripture. This enabled them to consider their own leadership role within our school.