In Year 5, we have been focusing on Caritas.

There are 6 main features that we focus on:

– Care for Creation

– Human Dignity

– Dignity in Work

– Option for the Poor

– Solidarity and Peace

– Community and Participation

Every week we have been focusing on each one and learning what they mean.

Week 1:

In Week 1 we learnt about Human Dignity. We learnt about our qualities and how they can be useful.

Week 2:

In Week 2 our class learnt about Community and Participation and we made a table about who is important to us.

Week 3:

In Week 3 we looked at Care for Creation. We made a pledge about how we can care for the planet.

Week 4:

In Week 4 we made a table of people who need help and how we can help them.

Week 5:

In Week 5 we did Option for the Poor by creating a basket for items that could be used in an emergency.

Week 6:

In Week 6 we made a wheel of key issues in our community.

Right now we are thinking of a social project that would help our community. An idea came to use to help a charity that helps women refugees.

We are also looking at other social projects that we can help with.

Written by our Year 5 Students.