Year 6

Year Six Lisbon is taught by John McGinn and Year Six Padua is taught by Martin McDermott and Sarah McCabe.  Their TA is Fatim Dossa. The Year Six classrooms are upstairs in the St Francis building and they share the back playground with the rest of KS2.

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Weekly Class Updates 

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School Closure Home Learning

Below is the home learning that was set during March-July 2020’s National Lockdown.  During January-March 2021’s National Lockdown, home learning moved to Microsoft Teams. 

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Design Technology hat project

In March 2020, the Year 6 children held a fashion show to model the hats that they have spent the last half term researching, designing and making. 

Big Me Week

In March 2020, the whole school took part in Big Me Week and raised money for Action Aid.  The Year 6 children were lucky enough to have a talk from David Callaghan, the Chair of Governors about his careers as a Chartered  electrical engineer and  Sabera Alloo who talking the the children about being an Optometrist.  

Visit to Stanmore Mosque

In March 2020, Year 6 visited the Mosque and listened to a talk about Islam. They had the chance to look around the Mosque. 

Anne Frank Exhibition

In February 2020, Year 6 attended an exhibition held at St Alban’s Cathedral.  

Maths and Science Master Classes

In the Autumn term 2019 and Spring term 2020, Year 6 students carried out work for the maths master class  and the science master class both of which are run in conjunction with Herts University.  They looked at the maths behind Flags, and experimented with magnets and magnetic force. 

Bletchley Park

In October 2019, Year 6 visited Bletchley Park – the wartime home of the code breakers.  They learnt about different codes and how important the team at Bletchley Park were during the war.  They got to see how an enigma machine worked and learnt about the invention of Bombe machine.

St Michael’s Sport’s Tournament

In October 2018, the Year 6 children took part in a deanery schools football and netball tournament.  We won the football tournament and did well in our netball matches. 

Study in Movement

In September 2020, the Year 6 children studied how artists show movement in their drawings and paintings.  

Holy Rood Leadership Retreat Day

In September 2019, the Year 6 children spent the day at Holy Rood Church. They looked at the leadership qualities of Mary, Joseph and each other.

Interhouse Tournament

In June 2019, the Year 5 and 6 children competed in the annual inter-house competition.  All 4 house colours competed in football and netball matches.

Residential Trip to the Isle of Wight

In June 2019, Year 6 visited the Isle of Wight for their residential trip.  They stayed in Shanklin for the week and visited a different historic site or country park each morning and afternoon.  They also enjoyed an activity each evening like a visit to the theatre, bowling and games on the beach.

Visit to the Houses of Parliament

In May 2019, Year 6 had the opportunity to visit and tour the Houses of Parliament and were able to meet and talk with then MP Richard Harrington.

Guitar Club Christmas Performance 

In December 2018, KS2 guitar club performed ‘Jingle Bells’  and ‘Silent Night’ which they had been working on throughout the Autumn term.