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Reception Lisbon is taught by Katy Laws. Her CA is Sophie Ringland. Reception Padua is taught by Abbie Clark. Her CA’s are Sally Blasi and Marzena Zych. The Reception classrooms are in the Early Years building. At break times and lunch times they share their playground with the Year One children.  

EYFS Sports Morning 

In May 2019, all of the EYFS children took part in their Sports Morning.  They each ran three races; a straight race, a bean bag race and an obstacle race. They all tried really hard and cheered each other on too. 

Easter Retreat afternoon

In April 201, Reception classes took part in a retreat afternoon where they learnt about Easter and had the chance to work with the Year 6 RE helpers to create 4 different pieces of Easter inspired art. 

Chinese New Year

In February 2019, the Reception classes celebrated Chinese New Year.  They learnt about the origin story of how all the Zodiac years got their animal names and rewrote parts of the stories themselves.  They also created pig masks as this is the year of the pig.  All children had the opportunity to visit our ‘restaurant’ and try to use chop sticks to eat some Chinese foods. 

Year 4 visit with pop up books 

In December 2019, Year 4 classes visited the reception children to show and read them the pop up books that they have been making during DT lessons. 

St Nicholas Day 

In December 2018, the Reception children learnt about the Polish celebration of St Nicholas Day.  We washed our wellies and left them out over night.  The children must have been good because when they came in the next day St Nicholas had left them all a little chocolate coin inside their boot!

Nativity Cribs

In December 2018, the Reception children worked with their families to create these beautiful cribs.  Father Jospeh then came in to bless them and talk to us about the of Christmas.  

EYFS Nativity Play 

In December 2018, the Nursery and Reception children performed ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ to the rest of the school and their families.  The Reception children were excellent narrators and shepherds and the Nursery children learnt all the songs. 

Shape Hunt 

In November 2019, Reception children went on a shape hunt around the school to look for 2D shapes in real objects.  

Remembrance Day 

In November 2018, the whole school came together to remember.  The Reception children made poppies and poppy cookies to sell their families.  We raised money for the British Legion. 


Boxmoor Trust- Reception Lisbon

In May 2018, Reception Lisbon visited the Boxmoor Trust.  They pond dipped, went on a mini beast hunt and inspired by the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ the class took part in their own bear hunt.

Boxmoor Trust – Reception Padua 

In May 2018, Reception Padua visited the Boxmoor Trust.  They pond dipped, went on a mini beast hunt and inspired by the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ the class took part in their own bear hunt. 


Radlett Theatre Visit – What the Ladybird Heard

In April 2018, both Reception classes had the chance to go on their first school trip to visit Radlett theatre.  They watched ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ which ties in with their minibeast summer theme. 

Classroom activities 

Below are a variety Maths based and RE based classroom activities.