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Reception Lisbon is taught by Katy Laws. Her CA is Sophie Ringland. Reception Padua is taught by Amy McMahon. Her CA’s are Sally Blasi and Dee Keat. The Reception classrooms are in the Early Years building. At break times and lunch times they share their playground with the Year One children.  


Kings and Queens for the day – History Day 

In March 2017, Nursery and Reception Lisbon and Padua came into school dressed as a king or queen for the day to celebrate History Day.  We all met together in the Nursery playground to parade and show off our outfits.  Some of the Reception children also bought in some work they had been doing at home about castles and Queen Elizabeth II. 


Safer Internet Day

In February 2017, Reception Lisbon and Year 3 Padua joint forces to practise and perform an assembly to lead the school in their Safer Internet Day activities. 

Wow! Said the Owl

In January 2017, the Nursery and Reception children were lucky enough to be visited by The Little Angels Theatre Group who performed Wow! Said the Owl for them.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Christmas Play

In December 2016, Nursery and Reception performed their Christmas Play Whoops-a-Daisy Angel to the school and then to their parents.  Many of the Reception children had lines to learn and all classes worked really hard to remember the words to their songs.

Harvest Festival

In October 2016, both Reception classes performed the song ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ to their parents and to residents of a local care home.

Boxmoor Trust

In July 2016, each Reception class spent a day at the Boxmoor Trust.  In the morning they searched for mini beasts and pond dipped. Then in the afternoon the children went on a bear hunt.


Michael Rosen

In April 2016, Reception spent a week reading and learning all about Michael Rosen stories.  At the same time Year 4 were learning about Michael Rosen, writing biographies, and learning how to recite poetry off by heart.  All three classes then met in the Activity Studio to hear the Michael Rosen poems the Year 4 children had learnt off by heart and to share their stories and biographies.