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Core Subjects


Our school’s science scheme follows the National Curriculum and is based around the topics of ‘Plants’, ‘Animals, including humans’, ‘Everyday materials’, ‘Seasonal changes’ and ‘Living things and their habitats’ in KS1.

The children in KS2 study the topics of ‘Plants’, ‘Animals, including humans’, ‘Rocks’, ‘Light’, ‘Forces & Magnets’, ‘Living things and their habitats’, ‘States of Matter’, ‘Sound’, ‘Electricity’, ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’, ‘Earth and Space’ and ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.

Through the teaching of these topics the children work scientifically; undertaking practical enquiries, making observations and taking measurements. They are taught to present and analyse their findings.


Computing and Information Technology help to promote initiative, independent learning and active participation in a rapidly changing world. The three aspects of computing are:

  • computer science
  • IT
  • digital literacy

The children develop these aspects as they work with a variety of hardware and software. In computing they learn to control and program devices both on and off screen, in the real and virtual worlds. They use a range of digital media to record, improve and present their work in all subjects. As they progress through the school, they become confident and discriminating users of digital technology and communication tools. The e-safety message is emphasised throughout the curriculum; the children are taught how to stay safe online and given a range of ways to report concerns and inappropriate behaviour.