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Physical Education

Key Stage One

In Key Stage one the children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement by developing co-ordination and control through dance, games and gymnastic activities. They work individually, in pairs and in small groups. In Dance they create movement, showing changes of rhythm, speed, level and direction. They express ideas and feelings through these movement phrases. In Games the children play simple competitive striking/fielding and invasion type games whilst learning how to control and use the appropriate equipment. During Gymnastics the children use both floor and apparatus to develop skills of balancing, travelling, taking off and landing, turning and rolling. They create sequences that incorporate these skills showing contrasts in direction, level and speed.

Key Stage Two

In Key Stage two pupils build on their work in KS 1 by learning new skills and using them in different ways. They collaborate and compete with each other and learn to evaluate and recognise their own success. The range of activities is extended to include swimming, athletics and outdoor adventurous activities. During swimming the children learn to swim on their front and back and about personal survival skills. Children are challenged to improve style, speed and stamina in order to meet the Government target and swim at least 25m unaided. In athletics they take part in power, speed and stamina building activities by using running, jumping and throwing skills. Outdoor adventurous activities involve children working in teams to overcome challenges. They use orienteering and problem-solving skills. Children across both Key Stages take part in intra and inter – school competitions throughout the year.