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Year 1

Year One Lisbon is taught by Hannah Mitchell and Helen Sparksman. Their CA is Liz Hughes and Marzena Zych. Year One Padua is taught by  Ann Power. Her CA is Georgina Phelan. The Year One classrooms are in the main building and they share the front playground with the Reception children.

Instruction Writing

In February 2019, the Year 1 children had to follow instructions to make their own green lizard.  They then went on to write their own set of instructions.  They then set their lizards free onto their poor teacher!


In January 2019, during their Maths lessons, the children were using non-standard units of measure to compare length within the classroom. The children enjoyed using a range of cubes, pencils, paper-clips and banners to measure the objects they had chosen.

KS1 Christmas Production – The Inn-Spectors

In December 2018, the Year 1 children provided the choir for the KS1 Christmas play.

Owl Babies

In December 2018, during their Art lessons, the children were learning about using the medium of paper. After reading the book ‘Owl Babies’, the children enjoyed tearing different coloured paper to create their own owl. 

Remembrance Poppy Trail

In November 2018, the Year 6 children came to help the Year 1 children follow a trail around the school to learn more about Remembrance Day.

Florence Nightingale Museum

In June 2018, Year 1 visited the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.


Willows Farm Visit 

In May 2018, Year 1 went to Willows Farm and enjoyed a ride on the tractor and seeing and feeding the baby animals.  This linked to their science topic ‘animals and humans’.