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Year 1

Year One Lisbon is taught by Hannah Mitchell and Helen Sparksman. Their CA is Liz Hughes and Marzena Zych. Year One Padua is taught by  Ann Power. Her CA is Georgina Phelan. The Year One classrooms are in the main building and they share the front playground with the Reception children.

Florence Nightingale Museum

In June 2018, Year 1 visited the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.


Willows Farm Visit 

In May 2018, Year 1 went to Willows Farm and enjoyed a ride on the tractor and seeing and feeding the baby animals.  This linked to their science topic ‘animals and humans’.

Classroom activities 

Here are a variety of activities Year 1 have been completing over the spring term. 1)Making silly sentences. 2)Following and writing our own instructions for making sweets for Willy Wonka. 3/4) cConducting science investigations into which material is best for a waterproof hat for teddy. 5)Estimating.  6) Capacity. 7) Role playing Pentecost. 8) Making unleavened bread like that eaten at Passover. 



KS1 Nativity Play

In December 2017, Year 1 and Year 2 performed ‘A Christmas Story’, which followed the story of a grandfather telling his grandchildren the Nativity story

Advent Retreat Day

In December 2017, Year 1 took part in their Advent retreat day. They learnt about Advent and created a class advent calendar by collaging pictures. They also made and coloured a booklet that sequence pictures from the Nativity story. 

Toy Museum

In December 2017, Year 1 had a visit from the from the St Albans Toy Museum as part of their History topic. They learnt about lots of old toys and were able to spend some time exploring some of these.

Y1 Multi Skills Festival held at Holywell School

In October 2017, Y1 took part in a Multi-skills festival at Holywell School.   Various activities included, dribbling a football, balancing a bean bag and throwing the bean bag in the hoop.